Using the Flickr Gallery

Using the code

I can create a gallery of all my photos. Because I’m using the simple flickr-gallery shortcode the gallery also has tabs for my photostream or sets depending on what I’ve defined in my Flickr Gallery settings (in the dashboard, under Settings).


If I know I will be updating my photostream frequently and don’t want to have old photos showing in the gallery, I can update the shortcode to only include recent photos:

[flickr-gallery mode=”recent”]

Now I would like to feature one photo in particular, so I will use the shortcode

where 56857324@N08 is my user ID and 5241444701 is the ID of the photo.


Corgis are very cute, but now I would like to feature my photoset of pictures of the Swedish electro-pop group The Knife, so I will use the photoset shortcode.

You can find the photoset ID in the URL of your photoset, as highlighted below:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625425423961″]

Now that I have all of my photos of The Knife in a gallery, I think I’d prefer to only show pictures where they are wearing bird masks. I have tagged these photos “birds” in my Flickr account, so I can create a gallery based off of this tag using this shortcode:

[flickr-gallery mode=”tag” tags=”birds” tag_mode=”all”]

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