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Formatting posts beyond the Visual editor

Let’s say you’d like to put some really fancy layouts and styles in your posts. The Visual tab is kind of limiting and you don’t know a thing about composing in HTML. That’s precisely what the Paste from Word tool was made for.

Programs like Microsoft Word or other desktop publishing tools have a lot of formatting and design options in them. You can paste those designs to your blog by opening the kitchen sink option and clicking the Paste from Word button.

A window will pop up instructing you to paste your text into it. The easiest way to do this is to go to your completed Word document, hit CTRL + A to select all of your text and then CTRL + C to copy it. Then return to your post in the dasboard and click on the pop up window. Hit CTRL + V and your text will be pasted into the window.

Click the Insert button and your formatting will appear in your post! All you need to do is enter your tags and categories if you use them, then click Publish.

An added bonus of this method of posting is if you save the Word document to your computer you will always have a back-up of your posts if your blog is ever lost or corrupted.

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