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How do I create a Blogroll?

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How does one enable a blog roll via

A Blogroll can be a neat way to share the other blogs or web sites that interest you and may interest your readers. You can create one using the Links widget in your blog’s dashboard.

1. Log into your blog’s dashboard.

2. In the menu along the left side of the page click Links > Link Categories.

3. Create a link category called  “Blogroll.”

4. Back over in the menu along the left of the page click Links > Add New.

5. Enter the name of the link, the full URL, a description (if you’d like) and select the Blogroll category. Then click the blue Add Link button in the upper right corner.

6. In the menu again click Appearance > Widgets.

7. Grab the Links widget and move it to the sidebar location of your choosing (depending on your theme).

8. Choose your preferred settings and click Save.

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From the mailbag…

A few people have noticed that sometimes the permalinks for their older blog posts – ones written before the transition to the new platform -go to a 404 (page not found) error page. This usually isn’t a problem, but if you have an archive that folks regularly look back into it can be frustrating for your readers. Logan sent me this message:

…I’ve discovered a problem with old posts and a solution. It seems that a lot of older posts aren’t connecting very well to their permalinks. You can read them in the archive or through search results, but if you try to click through to the permalink, it comes up empty. The solution is to click the “Edit” link of the post in question (you have to be logged in), add a tag and save the post. The permalink will work from then on.

So if you run into a blog post that links to an error page all you need to do is log into your admin, locate the post, click Edit, then Update and the problem will fix itself! Thanks, Logan!

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