Looking for blog stats?

If you would like to see what articles and pages visitors are viewing on your blog you can request the WordPress Stats module be added to your dashboard.

Send an email to support@areavoices.com to request the stats module. Be sure to include the name and URL of your blog!

After the module is added you may see a login screen in your dashboard. You can ignore this. It will go away after twenty minutes or so. Then you will start seeing graphs and numbers!

Click the View All button in the lower right corner to see all kinds of detailed information about your blog’s traffic.


You can change what information displays on your dashboard by clicking the Configure link. To get the link to pop up hover your cursor over the area in the upper right corner of the module.

Choose your settings, then click Submit to save.

When you know what your visitors are reading you can start molding your blog in to a site people return to.

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