How do I add images to my post? Part 2, adding images while composing

If you’re working on a post and you have images to add that aren’t in your media library yet you can upload them right from the Add New/Edit Post page.

Before you add image files to your media library take note of their file size. Due to server constraints and because we want to continue to provide this service for free there is a 500MB limit to your library. For the same reasons we also have a limit of 2MB per file upload. It may be necessary for you to resize your images. There are many ways to do this – Photoshop, GIMP and IrfanView are probably the most popular image editing tools available. Familiarizing yourself with one of these pieces of software will help you conserve storage space.

Once your images have been edited so they are an appropriate size for the web you can add them to your media library.

Step 1. Click the Add an Image icon.

Step 2. Click the button to Select Files.

Step 3. Locate the image or images on your machine and select them to upload.

Step 4. Add or edit the relevant information for your image.

Step 5. Choose the alignment and size that best suits your image and post, then click the button to Insert into Post.

And that’ll do it!

The common wombat

Once the image is posted into your blog you can edit it if something looks amiss.

Step 1. Click the image to get the Edit and Delete buttons.

Step 2. Click the icon on the left to bring up the Edit window. Make any changes you need and click Update.

And that’s how you upload images to your blog while composing posts!

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